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Lymph Drainage Body Gua Sha

R 489.00

The wooden gua sha tool is carved from natural wood by skilled artisans, who maintain the natural colour and contours of the wood. This wooden body gua sha is wide with smooth finished curves that can be easily glided over the skin or clothing. Robust wood can withstand continuous pressure and does not split or break. Durable and ideal for long-term use.

The body gua sha can be used to expel residual toxins and fat and also helps eliminate excess fat in the lymphatic system.

Used for surface tissue massage of the whole-body including arms, legs, back and stomach. It is effective in the treatment of scar tissue and muscle adhesions caused by over-exertion or injury to the muscles. Gua sha massage helps to remove energy blocks, drains stagnant lymph, increases blood flow and provides the relief that your body needs and deserves.

Professionally recommended wooden tool for pain relief massage. Can be used for self use as well as by professional massage therapists, and chiropractors for relieving body pain and relaxing stressed or tired muscles/tissues. A superior quality tool that allows continuous gentle strokes on the desired area. Helps to reduce nervous tension, release body heat, stimulate blood flow and reduce fatigue.

Lightweight and easy to carry. It is the perfect tool for travel, outdoor activities or sports. Helps in treating body pains, daily aches, headaches, and even chronic pains.


  1. Lymphatic drainage
  2. Cellulite reduction
  3. Body contouring
  4. Relieves body pain
  5. Massage therapy
  6. Soft tissue scraping
  7. Open blocked Qi energy channels

    How To Use

    Always use on clean skin after showering and apply body oil to help smooth and control the scrapping motion. Massage body in upwards strokes towards the heart.

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