Life Retreat Wellness

Health & Welllness Consultation

R 400.00

Our goal is to guide and support you on your wellness Journey.

Our Lifestyle consultations focus on finding out what ailments or illnesses you are suffering from and changing your lifestyle to live a healthy, happy, balanced life. 

I will look at all areas of your life to balance your mind, body and soul. The areas we will look at include diet, sleep, stress, exercise, hydration and, most importantly, daily routines and rituals. We believe it is essential to emphasize living a healthy lifestyle to reach your full potential.

Trish Taylor studied Psychology and is a Registered Herbalist and Ayurvedic Practitioner who believes that to Heal and live a healthy life, we need to heal our Minds, Bodies & Souls.

With all the options below, I will send you a confidential questionnaire to fill in before your consultation to enable me to plan and advise you on healthy lifestyle changes to alleviate or cure your ailments and illnesses. 

30 Minute Consultation

This consultation will be highly interactive, where we will discuss your main health concerns. We will plan lifestyle changes for you to incorporate into your life to live a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle. 

1 Hour Consultation

Before our meeting, I will have worked out a complete Lifestyle plan for you, which we will go through in detail and plan your healthy lifestyle.

Complete Ayurvedic Lifestyle Plan | 1 Hour

Once I have received your questionnaire, I will put a comprehensive lifestyle plan together for you. The aim will be to make healthy changes in your lifestyle to ensure that you recover or experience relief from your illnesses or ailments. Your plan will be emailed to you, and we will have a one-hour appointment to discuss it.

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