Life Retreat offers the one-stop place to educate, consult and guide our clients. But now, even more importantly, we have put together all the rituals and products you need for healing ailments and continuing good health.

Life Retreat was born out of our passion for health and healing and sharing this with others.

What is Life?

"The condition distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death."

More importantly, perhaps life is breath or the ability to breathe.

What is Retreat?

"An act of moving back or withdrawing" enables us to step out of our hectic, and often unhealthy daily lives and routines and take time out.  A retreat can be anything  a few minutes of meditation self care, to weeks in Silence.

What We Offer?

Life Retreat is precisely this. Offering tools to teach you to how to live a healthy life, with our basic rituals. Life Retreat brings you the perfect products and rituals to enable and empower you to incorporate daily retreats into your home Life.

Key Words

"A world where ancient wisdom is infused with modern aesthetics"

Our spiritual home and manufacturing base is nestled at the foothills of the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland Mountain Ranges. A sublime, mystical terrain and home to delicate flora, flowing rivers, and magnificent mountain peaks form a natural barrier against the world's impurities.

"Ancient rituals for a modern world"

"Handpicked ritual kits with the wisdom and intent to connect our clients to their innate health wisdom."


“Ritual healing is a form of traditional or alternative medicine rooted in health, spiritual or religious practices.”

All rituals and ceremonies have firm foundations in ancient, respected healing modalities that have made their way back into our collective wellness awareness. “Thanks to migrating populations and the efforts of world explorers, a glorious overlapping of regions and practices has occurred.”

Along the way, these traditions have gained renewed respect in today’s forward-thinking wellness communities.

“Ritual healing can involve a wide range of ceremonies and materials, depending on the culture, and may be used to treat physical, mental, or emotional problems. For example, sangomas are traditional healers in South Africa who use medicinal herb and drumming to treat disease, and address other concerns in the community.”

At Life Retreat we have put together wellness rituals that are based in ancient times but modernised for todays world. We believe that most ailments and illnesses can be prevented by living and healthy, balanced lifestyle and our ritual packs will guide you on this path.