About me

My interest in natural health and wellness began when I was in my early teens, and my best friend introduced me to the Vogue book of making natural cosmetics and medicines. Not long after reading this excellent book, which I still refer to on occasion, I started making my cosmetics and "medicines". While all of my friends were looking for skin products and spot creams, I was raiding my grans herb garden for ingredients and marching my mom off to the pharmacy to buy my essential elements like rosewater, white hazel, glycerine, and so much more.

My hobby continued into my late teens when I was sent to university to study psychology. After graduating with my B Soc Sci, I felt that somehow there had to be a connection between mind, body and soul. I went on to qualify as a herbalist and furthered my studies through an American university with Ayurveda (Mind-Body Medicine). I was so obsessed with learning that I studied various other modalities and short courses, including colour therapy, Louise Hay, homoeopathy for home use, TRE, and a yoga teacher training course.

Apart from my ongoing studies, I am a wife, mom, sister, aunty, and almost granny. As a little girl, all I ever wanted was to be married and have lots of children. We have four incredible adult children whom I would like to say have benefited immensely by having been brought up with natural health and healing. I am proud to say that they are all glowing living examples of being brought up with a healthy diet and lifestyle. More importantly, they have learnt so much over the years that they have so much knowledge on preventing illness, healing themselves and inspiring others.

Life is not all plain sailing, but I have to say that my knowledge and experience in the wellness industry has helped me immensely overcome obstacles. I battled for years to have a baby and was finally blessed with my first little bundle and in the following few years had another three precious bundles. Hence one of my main interests being hormonal health. I had a terrible accident and went temporarily blind and had "brain damage" and, after leaving hospital with a cocktail of medicines, went on to treat myself naturally.

My absolute joy and passion in life is guiding and teaching other people how to live healthy, happy, balanced lifestyles. Whether I do private consultations or work with a group of people, there is nothing better than teaching people how to tweak their diets, sleep, exercise etc. to live healthier, more balanced lifestyles and then seeing the results.

I believe that we all intuitively know how to stay healthy and prevent significant illness, but quick fixes so condition us. It is often faster to pop off to the doctor and get a script and take a pill than to take ownership of changing a few things in our everyday lives. Here is where Life Retreat comes in.