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Ayurveda Lifestyle Detox Booklet Special

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What is a Detox?


It is a  total-body cleanse. which includes reducing toxic intake, and enhancing toxic eliminations.


You cannot want a healthy lifestyle and decide to eat healthy when all of the toxins are still in your body. You need to spring clean, not only your diet but your environment and your mind.


Think about a clear mind, clear space and clean body. The 7-day Detox Plan is an integrated holistic approach toward detoxing


In these 7 days, you will detox all the aspects of your life:  physical, emotional, social, environmental, mental, spiritual and financial.


Each day focus on a different theme, which will help you to be completely present on what you are eliminating that day.  


If you are doing the detox in conjunction with the movement classes at Life Retreat, you have a variety available that suits your body’s needs, so tune in, sweat all the toxins out…  and release what no longer serves you



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