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Facial Reflexology Tool

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The traditional Chinese medicine doctrine, indicates that the reflex tool works under the idea that similar physical shapes in the body hold similar energetics.

For example, when you use a tool for the nose, you can be connected to the spine since they are both long and straight, therefore considered to be connected and similarly oriented.

If you are looking to alleviate sharp pains you can roll the yin side of your tool to help balance the yang energy. If the sensation is considered to be more of a dull ache, you can roll the yang side of the tool to help balance the excess yin energy.

Some back pain can also affect your chi life force. Focusing on the kidney points along the sides of the nostrils can help balance this sensation, along with drinking extra water.
You will notice a feeling of relief on the tenderness of the nose, and you may also experience relief of the pains overall.

It’s all communication—there is no shame in experiencing an imbalance as long as you view it as the body giving you directions to finding your most balanced self.

What's In The Box

  1. 1 x Facial Reflex Tool
  2. 1 x Fabric bag for storage
  3. 1 x Box

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