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Tongue Scraper

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Although it may not be top-of-mind, taking care of your tongue is essential for oral health. Some of the benefits of tongue scraping are:



    • Enhances taste
    • Weight loss
    • Eliminates bad breath
    • Improves digestion
    • It prevents colds and flu
    • Awareness of the state of health
    • Stimulates internal organs
    • Removes bacteria
    • Improves taste
    • Oral hygiene 

What's In The Box

  1. 1 x Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper
  2. 1 x Fabric Bag




  • Always tongue scrap after brushing your teeth
  • Face a mirror with your mouth open, and stick your tongue wide.
  • Put the rounded end of the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue.
  • If you're worried about gagging, starting at the middle of your tongue may be helpful. You can gradually begin from farther back on your language as you get used to it.
  • Gently place the scraper on your tongue. Pull it forward slowly and gently towards the tip of your tongue. Always move it from the back of the tongue to the tip.
  • After each scrape, use a cloth to wipe it and remove the waste from the scraper.
  • Repeat until you've scraped the entire surface of your tongue. One to two scrapes across the same area are enough.
  • Give your mouth a good rinse.
  • Wash the tongue scraper with warm water and soap, dry it, and store it in a clean, dry area.

It is best to be mindful of how much pressure you're applying. You must be gentle enough to avoid harming your taste buds or breaking the skin but firm enough to scrape up excess debris. When in doubt, start soft and gradually increase the pressure.


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